Edition of Graphic Works

Each artist who plants a work in the Artists' Gardens also produces a corresponding graphic work giving an intimate insight into its artistic conception. The outcome is a valuable, limited edition (30 copies) of graphic works in a variety of techniques. The price for each unframed edition, which consists of seven sheets, is Euro 1.500,- (plus VAT).

Profits from the sale of the graphic edition will contribute to the upkeep of the project.The first edition includes works by Paula Hayes (USA), Peter Hutchinson (USA), Reiner Matysik (D), Barbara Nemitz (D) and Brigitte Raabe(D). In 1999, the 2nd edition was produced, including works by Michel Blazy (F), Laura Stein (USA), Daniel Spoerri (CH), Michael Stephan (D), Gloria Friedmann(F) and Cosima von Bonin (D).